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Baird & Brunson Land Management Group LLC

Farm Management

Land Management Group, LLC takes your business seriously. We work as your agent to handle all related business on your farm to ensure that the farm’s maximum potential is met.

This includes: working directly with the farm operator, the USDA, grain elevators and other industry associates. We will develop and implement a plan that will produce the highest return on your farm and meet all of your goals and objectives.

Our services provided throughout a typical growing season include:

Agriculture Property Management Plan

Upon execution of the Management Agreement between Land Management Group, LLC and the client, we will begin preparing a comprehensive management plan. This report will serve as our base line of information from which we can begin developing both short and long-term plans for your farm. The report will include all information relating to your asset. The initial report includes, but is not limited to, the following types of information: the owner’s goals and objectives, irrigation and drainage improvement analysis, all USDA farm information, Past and future crop plans, professional coordination with attorneys, CPAs, etc., maps and aerial photographs, soils information, operator information, investment analysis, a summary and recommendations.

Farm Inspection Visits

Throughout the year we will inspect your farm and meet with the farm operator to ensure that the operation of your farm is moving along as planned. We will send you periodic reports to advise you of this progress including the following:

Periodic and Annual Analysis Reports

A complete review of all activities will be provided at the end of the year. This report includes a recap of crop performance, crop income (gross and net) and total expenses, as well as a review of all other farm improvements we plan to implement. Additionally, the farm operator’s performance will be evaluated and lease negotiations for the coming year will be completed.

Financial Reports

Land Management Group, LLC will maintain a bank account in your name. You will have electronic access to this account to check the balance at any time. Each quarter you will receive an accounting statement reflecting all financial activity of your farm. Rents, crop income and government payments will be deposited and approved expenses will be paid from this account. You will also receive an End-of-Year Accounting Summary to assist you in your tax preparation.

Commodity Marketing

Land Management Group, LLC will work with various firms throughout the Mid-South to tailor a marketing plan specifically for your farm. We are experienced in marketing cotton, rice, corn, soybeans, milo and wheat.

Our Expertise & Service

With Land Management Group, L.L.C. managing your property, you will enjoy the comfort of knowing that your property is being well-managed by qualified Accredited Farm Managers who understand the complexity and intricacies of today’s agricultural environment. We possess the technology, education and experience to ensure your farm becomes profitable and sustainable and remains that way.